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Dr. Wes appears around the 15th of each month on Up to Date with Steve Kraske, one of Kansas City's most popular radio talk shows. The show airs live at 11:00 am on Kansas City Public Media KCUR FM. He never fails to light up the switchboard with thoughtful calls from interesting listeners and panels of teen and young adult guests sharing their wisdom for parents. Join the conversation by emailing your question to Here's an archive of shows on a variety of topics relating to teens, parenting and family psychology.

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Teens: 2015
If you have a teen, you’ve probably got a lot on your mind already. But Dr. Wes Crenshaw says today's parents should add one more thing to that list—their teen’s sexual identity. He’s joined by Julia Poe, recent graduate of Shawnee Mission East High School to discuss why things are changing so rapidly.
How to motivate kids without stressing them out
It's a fine balance for parents between pushing kids too hard and not pushing them hard enough. How can parents know how much kids can take or when they should back off? Dr. Wes joins the Fox4 Morning Show to talk about how to motivate teens without stressing them out.
College Choice: Use the Three Ms to Make a Good One
Maturity, Money, and Match will define how well many college freshman perform this fall. Join Dr. Wes and Loren Halifax to discuss how to make The Three Ms work for your high school senior.
Freshman Year
Remember your first time living away from home as an adult? All those little adventures you never expected? Katie Guyot and Emily VanSchmus join Dr. Wes on the Fox4 Morning Show to discuss freshman year at college.
Holidays and College Kids
It's that time of year when young adults return for the holiday season. Join Dr. Wes and Loren Halifax to discuss how to make things go a little easier this holiday season, particularly if you have a freshman home for the first time.
Dating, Hanging Out, and Hooking Up
New Double Take author Kendra Schwartz joins Dr. Wes and Loren Halifax on the Fox4 Morning Show to discuss how how teens couple today and how we'd like to see a little romance blossom in place of random hook-ups.
Help: My Kid's the Bully
Dr. Wes joins Mark to talk about how to use The Three Es (Empathy, Ethics and Excellence in behavior) to parent kids who treat others with respects.
Introverted or Shy?
Dr. Wes joins Loren Halifax on the Fox4 Morning Show to help parents understand critical differences between shyness and introversion and how they can work with these kids most effectively.
Young Adults Living at Home
Dr. Wes joins Mark Alford on the Fox 4 Morning Show to offer tips for parents who have young adults moving home, before, during or after entering college or the workforce. It's an important topic...especially for Mark!
SnapChat and Sexting
Dr. Wes and Emily VanSchmus join Abby Eden on Fox4 Evening News to discuss how fast, easy access to sexually explicit online material leaves today's teenagers surprisingly unconcerned about posting their own explicit images and content.
Online Explicit Content
Dr. Wes joins Loren Halifax on the Fox4 Morning Show to discuss how online explicit content is changing how teen boys learn about sex and how teen girls view their own sexuality and body image.
Breaking Up is Hard to Do. But Not As Hard as You Think.
Dr. Wes joins Loren Halifax on the Fox4 Morning Show to discuss his best rules for breaking up, which he calls the most essential tool in dating. Hint: It's called "breaking up" for a reason...because it's broken.
Dr. Wes Dating Rules
Dr. Wes joins Fox4 Morning Show to discuss his best rules for dating. Whether you're a teen or adult, these guidelines will keep you on track in finding love.
Acquaintance Rape and Sexual Assault
Dr. Wes returns to the Fox4 Morning Show with Loren Halifax to discuss this important topic. He's joined by his friend and New York Times Bestselling author, Tammara Webber author of Easy, a novel that wraps a college student's recovery from sexual assault inside a high interest romance for teens and young adults.
Teen Tech
Dr. Wes joins Loren Halifax on the Fox4 Morning Show to talk about the missing ethics manual in your child's Christmas gift gadget box. Don't wait until problems arise. Start writing your manual now with tips on the good and bad uses of technology.
The Sex Talk is So 1985
Today parents need to start talking to their kids about sex when they're younger and keep talking all the way through adolescence. Dr. Wes appears on Great Day St. Louis to help parents gain some confidence and get started. By the way, this was the day after Prince Harry got photographed in the buff cavorting with young ladies in Las Vegas! Perhaps he didn't get the sex talk yet?
Back to School
School transitions can be stressful for teens, and even more so for parents. Get some quick tips about how to work with teens to create a good communication, avoid cyber bullies and even set a good plan for leaving home for college, trade school, or work. Lots of info in a 3 minute interview with Lauren Halifax.
Don't like your son or daughter's dating partner?
Just about any parent with a teen has been through this one: your child is dating someone you don't approve of. Deciding how to respond can be a tough dilemma. Dr. Wes Crenshaw offers some tips for parents who think their teen's life is being infested with unwanted pests…uh, guests.