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Ten Things Not to Do in a Divorce

With divorce rates hovering around 40 percent, a separation is something a lot of couples will have to navigate at one point or another. To help make that transition as amicable as possible, licensed psychologist Wes Crenshaw and divorce lawyer Ron Nelson shared ten tips with KCUR's Up To Date host, Steve Kraske.

Keeping Divorce as Positive as Possible for Teens
It's complicated enough being a teenager today. It's ten times harder when your family is coming apart at the very moment you're trying to find yourself in the context of emerging relationships and sexuality. A panel of teens joins Dr. Wes to share their candid opinions about what works and what doesn't and field listener calls.

Stepparents and Teenagers: Making it Work
Getting a stepparent, especially during the teenage years, can be difficult. But when handled well, a stepparent can become an important (even cherished) part of a teenager’s life.

Navigating Blended Families

When families split and merge, the result isn’t always as seamless as The Brady Bunch. Dr. Wes discusses how to make yours a happy home when step-parents are involved depends largely on the example the adults set. He offers advice on how to overcome the challenges of starting a blended family and tools to navigate the world of step-parenting.