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School Problems

Exploring Sexual Identity In High School
The culture for gay, bisexual, lesbian, transgender, and queer teens appears to be changing so rapidly that it’s hard to keep up. We explore this swiftly changing environment and how it affects teens as they explore sexual identity during high school.
The 'Selfie Culture'
The "selfie culture" is changing how young people see themselves, express themselves, and communicate. But sometimes, that expression can lead to trouble. We explore the darker side of the "selfie culture" and what parents need to know about it.
Grade Cards Aren't Too Great
Every semester parents and students face the joy or agony of report cards. Dr. Wes discusses how parents should respond if their child’s card isn’t looking as great as they’d like.
Teen Technology
When it comes to technology, teens, and young adults always seem to lead the way, while even tech-saavy parents feel left behind. Dr. Wes Crenshaw brings a panel of college bound teens to discuss how technology is shaping the landscape for today's young people and takes listener calls.
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Teens: 2015
If you have a teen, you’ve probably got a lot on your mind already. But Dr. Wes Crenshaw says today's parents should add one more thing to that list—their teen’s sexual identity. He’s joined by Julia Poe, recent graduate of Shawnee Mission East High School to discuss why things are changing so rapidly.
How to motivate kids without stressing them out
It's a fine balance for parents between pushing kids too hard and not pushing them hard enough. How can parents know how much kids can take or when they should back off? Dr. Wes joins the Fox4 Morning Show to talk about how to motivate teens without stressing them out.
Real Teen Love in a Sea of Random Hook-ups
Parents may be a little behind on how teens really couple or don't couple these days. I join Steve with a panel of real experts--high school seniors who know a lot about the rare art of teenage monogamy, and how your teen can find real romance instead of another disposable love
College Choice: Use the Three Ms to Make a Good One
Maturity, Money, and Match will define how well many college freshman perform this fall. Join Dr. Wes and Loren Halifax to discuss how to make The Three Ms work for your high school senior.
Back to School
School transitions can be stressful for teens, and even more so for parents. Get some quick tips about how to work with teens to create a good communication, avoid cyber bullies and even set a good plan for leaving home for college, trade school, or work. Lots of info in a 3 minute interview with Lauren Halifax.
Crunching Those College Decisions
Dr. Wes discusses choosing a college based on more forethought than emotion. Joining him, former co-columnist Kenyon College sophomore Katie Guyot and current co-columnist high school senior Kyra Haas.
Teen Dating and Sexuality
Dr. Wes and a Panel of Young Adults discuss what's happening today in teen sexuality.
Kid-Proofing Your Divorce
Dr. Wes and Ron Nelson, Attorney at Law, discuss how to keep your divorce from going high conflict.
Let's Talk about Sex (please!)
Helping forge healthy conversations with today's teens--some of the most intelligent, and tech-savvy in history.
New Graduates
Welcome to Adult Life! Here's what to expect and how to adapt.
Help: My Kid's the Bully
Dr. Wes joins Mark to talk about how to use The Three Es (Empathy, Ethics and Excellence in behavior) to parent kids who treat others with respects.
Teaching empathy, ethics, and excellence, and examining how bullying has changed through the years.
Teens' Technology
The missing ethics manual in modern day teen interaction with technology.
ADHD in Teens and Adults

Busting the Myths of Diagnosis and Treatment, featuring my Fourteen Principles for ADHD People (cited on KCUR Up to Date ADHD show)

St. Louis On The Air: NEW HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES: Pathways and Pitfalls on the Journey to Adulthood
Dr. Wes talks about recent high school graduates and what they need to do to prepare for the rest of their lives.
Coming of Age with ADHD: Look Out, World — Here I Come
For ADHD 20-somethings about to tackle all those "firsts" — job, apartment, relationship — here are some keys to independence.

Talking to Teenagers about Dating, Sex and Love
In this installment of Our Two Sense, psychologist Dr. Wes Crenshaw and high-school senior Kyra Haas offer ideas for talking to teenagers about dating, sex, and love. Just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Motivating Your Teen
“The goal of parenting isn’t to raise good teenagers,” says Dr. Wes Crenshaw. “But to raise good adults.” What would you recommend to help me motivate my teenager to do more than sit around?

Do I need to call every time my teen is invited to a party?
Teens are many things, but always trustworthy isn’t one of them.

The Hookup Culture—Expert View: Understanding Teen Attitudes Toward Sex
Dr. Wes discusses teen hook-up culture in a series of Your Teen articles.

Is My Teen Sexually Active?
In this installment of Our Two Sense, psychologist Dr. Wes Crenshaw and high-school senior Kyra Haas discuss teen sexuality and its place in today's culture.
Is My Teen a Social Outcast or Making Smart Decisions?
Dr. Wes discusses intro and extroversion and how it impacts teens' decisions.
Teen Break-Ups: How Can Parents Help?
As Neil Sedaka sings, “Breaking up is hard to do…” In this edition of Our Two Sense, Dr. Wes and Kyra offer tips for helping teenagers handle a break up with a romantic partner.
Marijuana Use Among Young People
Dr. Wes joins us to talk about the shift in pot culture among college students, especially when it comes to our western neighbors.
SnapChat and Sexting
Dr. Wes and Emily VanSchmus join Abby Eden on Fox4 Evening News to discuss how fast, easy access to sexually explicit online material leaves today's teenagers surprisingly unconcerned about posting their own explicit images and content.
Failing Out of College
What happens when your child's college dream turns into a nightmare of collapsing grades, lost scholarships, academic probation, or even dismissal?