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Grace! No. You actually have to read I Always Want to Be Where I'm Not in order for it to help you with your ADHD. Stop cleaning your tail and get back on task.

Editorial Reviews

"Essential for young adults and adults with ADD/ADHD and those who love them. Written in an easy-to-read style and providing real-life examples, this is a great starting point for harnessing ADD/ADHD's positives and dealing with its difficulties to build a brighter tomorrow."

--Lisa Jordan, Library Journal

"A valuable and comprehensive guide on living with ADHD. I Always Want to Be Where I'm Notis a brilliant compilation of stories of people living with ADHD followed by tips on how to 'tap into your special power.' It's a life-saver of a book that can change your ADHD life for the better."

--Edward M. Hallowell, M.D., co-author, NY Times bestseller Driven to Distraction

"Quite simply one of the best books I've read about ADHD! With warm and humorous prose, Crenshaw provides principled, actionable advice for young adults who need to integrate ADHD symptoms into the growing pressures of adulthood. I Always Want to Be Where I'm Not should be the handbook for successfully growing up and into life with adult ADHD."

--Melissa Orlov, author The ADHD Effect on Marriage

I Always Want to Be Where I'm Not:
Successful Living with ADD and ADHD


Dr. Wes Crenshaw offers thirteen principles for successful living with ADD and ADHD drawn from twenty-two years of experience and 23,000 hours of clinical discussions with hundreds of interesting clients. Written in an entertaining, conversational style for readers aged 15 to 30, Dr. Wes pulls no punches in confronting the cognitive, social, emotional, and academic pitfalls people with ADD face every day. He also helps families, friends, and romantic partners understand a diagnosis of ADD not as something to fear or an excuse, but as a first step on the path to a better tomorrow.

His principles include accepting here and now, living intentionally, making mindful decisions, recognizing and taking the right path and not just the easy one, wanting rather than wishing, finding and following life's instructions, managing crises, taking responsibility, attaining character through radical honesty, and creating sustainable happiness through organized thinking and living. Finally, Dr. Wes guides you and your loved ones in how to better manage relationships, seek a good diagnosis, utilize therapy, and become your own expert on medication management.

*Have you been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD or do you suspect you should be? Do you really want to start solving your many riddles and living a more successful and productive life? This book is for you.

*Does your partner, child, roommate, or friend have ADD? Do you wonder what's going on in his or her head, and you really want to understand the secret code so you can better love him or her? This book is for you.

*Are you a little scattered or organizationally challenged? Do you struggle with details, follow-through, or in converting ideas into results? Do your people see you as fun and energetic, but uncommitted and difficult to pin down. Maybe you're an "ADD-leaner." This book is for you.


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