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Gilah Weissman, APRN PMHNP

Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

Gilah Weissman, ARNP earned her BA in forensic psychology from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in 1999 and an MSN in mental health nursing from Yale University in 2003. Her job experiences over the last 20 years have included various settings

such as inpatient psychiatric care, community mental health care, substance abuse treatments and private practice.  In her role as a psychiatric nurse practitioner, Gilah provides complete psychiatric care including evaluations and medication management to patients across the lifespan.

She embraces a holistic model to mental health that considers the whole person in relation to social, mental and environmental factors rather than just the presenting symptoms of the mental disorder. Gilah subscribes to an interdisciplinary collaborative team  effort with the shared goal of treating each patient with a personalized treatment plan. She encourages a patient centered approach that allows patients to be an active participant in their treatment and in achieving their goals. Her consistent objective is to facilitate patient’s to advocate for their own healthcare. Gilah specializes in a broad spectrum of mood disorders and ADHD.

Gilah takes all BCBS plans along with Aetna, United, and Cigna. She does not, at this time, take KanCare but we continue to review that situation and may add her to the panel for children and teens at a later time.

From Dr. Wes: Over the course of 2023 we had to make some difficult decisions regarding how we wanted to provide medication management services to our clients. After considerable discussion among our management team and staff, we decided to return to a program of in-house prescribing and hired Gilah Weissman, APRN PHMNP to see our clients at our Peterson office. Though they are not required to do so, psychotherapy clients who've been seen elsewhere since June 1, 2023 may want to consider bringing their medication back to FPS to allow for integrative care. All clients new to FPS who want to be seen for medication management will be referred to Gilah by their assigned therapist to allow a seamless integration of services -- the hallmark of Family Psychological Services since 2013. We're very fortunate to welcome Gilah to our staff. Keep watching this space for new announcements including our soon-to-be opened Spravato clinic that will allow for us to provide cutting edge services for treatment-resistant depression to clients 18 and up.

What clients are saying about Gilah (note: We don't solicate reviews, but we agree with these comments!):

I really like Gilah. She has a really nice vibe about her and I felt like she really listened to me about where I was/where I'm at mentally/emotionally. Totally different than my previous prescriber. Maybe I felt like I connected better with her 🤷🏼‍♀️

I just finished up my first appointment with Gilah. She's lovely!

I really liked her! I felt like she was easy to talk to and took my concerns seriously.

Gilah seemed incredibly knowledgeable on mood disorders. She was super thorough at my intake appointment as well. Overall, I felt really good about her.

Wow. She was really different than other people I've seen. I wasn't just in and out. She asked all the right questions. Both my husband and I saw her and we both had the same experience. Awesome.
















Collaborative Practice...

Good medication management begins with good communication between the client, therapist, and prescriber. Sometimes clients come In feeling they've been on
a psychiatric conveyor belt. Our goal at Family Psychological Services is that everyone we see leaves feeling like they've been listened to and understood."


Areas of Specialization


Choosing to have your child on prescription medication can be a stressful and complex decision. Knowing this, Gilah will guide your family through this process and provide educa-tion to help you become an expert on your child’s medica-tion, taking into account safety, health, and wellbeing as her top priorities.

Adolescents and Adults
Psychopharmaceuticals are not one-size-fits all. Gilah will make recommendations customized to fit the teen or adult client’s symptoms, situation, and needs. Whether this is your first time taking medication for a mental health condition, or you’ve had years of experience and “tried them all,” our team will listen to your experiences and develop a treatment plan as unique as you.

Assessment and Collaboration
Although Gilah specializes in psychopharmaceuticals, when developing treatment plans, she also considers the role physical health can play in many psychiatric conditions. With careful, ongoing assessment, she may order lab testing, make referrals, or consult with your existing healthcare providers to allow close collaboration between specialties. She’s also an integral member of our treatment team, consulting weekly with our therapists on cases.