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Medication Management at a Higher Level of Care

At Family Psychological Services, our medication management approach is just like our approach to therapy--we build relationships with our clients and families and then follow those cases closely to maximize outcomes. We're all on the team. That will definitely take up more of your time than a five-minute med check, but it will add piece of mind to your or your child's treatment. To learn more about our medication management protocols and proceedures, please visit our Medication_Management Page and check out a live reposting of our med management Twitter feed for updates. All our staff prescribe psychopharmaceuticals including stimulants under protocol with Ryan Neuhofel, DO MHP.

Marilee McCleerey, DNP, RN, PMHNP-BC

Doctor of Nursing Practice

Marilee received her DNP from Washburn University in 2020. We'll post more information about Marilee and her practice in the coming days.

From Dr. Wes: We're excited to have Dr. Marillee in our practice. In August 2019, I reached out to Washburn University's doctoral nursing program. They referred me to Marilee who was, at that time, about to begin her year long clinical practicum and needed a site. Kelsey Daugherty, DNP agreed to serve as her preceptor and Marilee joined Family Psychological Services as a clinical intern in spring 2020, just as the coronavirus was pushing us into lockdown. She finished her doctorate in December 2020, was licensed and received her DEA number in March 2021 and began prescribing for clients on protocol shortly thereafter.

Adrian Cade, APRN, FNP-C, PMHNP-C

Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

Adrian received his MSN from Fort Hays State University specializing in family medicine. He respecialized in the area of psychiatric nursing in 2020, completing his clinical practicum with Kelsey Daugherty, DNP in winter 2020-21 and received his certification as a PMHNP in May. He began part time practice with our office in March and is full time as of June 1, 2021.

From Dr. Wes: Adrian Cade APRN approached me in fall 2020 requesting a preceptor to complete his clinical practicum to respecialize in psychiatric nursing, following in his mother's footsteps. Kelsey Daugherty graciously accepted him into her supervision just after completing Marilee's program of study. His work with our clients has received rave reviews and we're glad to have him on board.

You can learn more about all aspects of Marilee and Adrian Cade's practice on our Medication_Management page as well as informatoin about prescribing policies at Family Psychological Services.










Begin with good communication...

Good medication management begins with good communication between the client, the therapist, and the prescriber. Sometimes clients come in feeling they've been on a psychiatric conveyor belt. Our goal at FPS is that everyone we see leaves feeling they've been listened to and understood."

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Areas of Specialization


Choosing to have your child on prescription medication can be a stressful decision. Knowing this, our PMHNPs will help guide your family through this process and provide education to help you become an expert on your child’s medication. Your child’s safety, health, and wellbeing is our top priority,.

Adolescents and Adults
Psychopharmaceuticals are not one-size-fits all. Our PMHNPs will make recommendations customized to fit the client, whether a pre-teen, teen, or adult. If this is your first time being prescribed medication, or you have undergone medication trials in the past, our team will listen to your experiences and develop a treatment plan as unique as you are.

Assessment and Collaboration
Although our PMHNPs specialize in psychopharmaceuticals, when developing treatment plans, they also consider the role physical health can play in many psychiatric conditions. With careful, ongoing assessment, our team may order lab testing, make recommendations for referral, or consult with your existing specialist or healthcare provider to allow close collaboration between specialties.