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Lawrence Offices

2601 W 6th
Lawrence, KS 66049
Phone: 785-371-1414
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Ready to Request Services at Family Psychological Services? We'd love to hear from you. HOWEVER, to speed up our response and help us staff your case, DO NOT send an email. Just click the "Ask About Services" button below and fill out the short form to give as an overview of your case. Your information will be securely submitted to our office manager who can guide you on how to complete your intake forms and get you on the schedule. Thanks!

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Would You Like to Ask a Question NOT Related to Accessing Services at FPS? Send an email message to Carrie Poe, MBA to discuss any matter that is not explained on our website. The email form below is secure. When we respond, you will have to set a password to continue on to our HIPAA compliant site ( If you respond to any email addresses hosted on, you are consenting to have your emails sent in the clear and waiving the protection afforded by 128 bit encryption. To protect your privacy, we recommend the FPSSecure method.