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FPS COVID-19 Management Protocol: Updated July 29, 2021

FPS is a staunch supporter of vaccinations as the best method to reduce the spread of COVID-19. All of our staff have been vaccinated. For the time being, we are seeing vaccinated clients over the age of twelve and all children twelve and under in the office unless they want to be seen by telehealth. We will only see unvaccinated clients over the age of twelve via telehealth. For under-twelve-year-olds to be seen in the office, all eligible family members must have been vaccinated. We are not requiring proof of vacine as we hope our clients are honest enough with us to be trutheful about their vacine choices. Most insurance companies have extended full payment for telehealth until October 20, 2021 due to the increasingly exigent circumstances and we expect that to be extended as the situation inevitably worsens this fall. We are not using the waiting rooms for the foreseeable future. Please wait in your car and do not enter the waiting room. We will have an outdoor check-in system ready to go shortly.

To be Seen in the Office, You Must Be Vaccinated (ages 12 and up) and You Must:

Not Be Ill
Be free of illness or fever and have no one in your family or friend circle with COVID.
Not Have Attended High Risk Environments
We won't see you in the office if you live in a dorm or other communal housing with non-vaxed people or have attended bars or parties.
Wear A Mask to Your Appointment
Your therapist may waive this requirement once you are in his or her office but that is at the therapists discretion.
Wait in Your Car
Our lobbies are closed and entrances are locked. If you drop someone off for therapy, do not leave until the therapist comes out and waves them in.
Wash Your Hands Upon Arrival
Everyone who enters our office must their wash hands before beginning a session. Your therapist will do likewise.
Maintain Social Distancing
Remain at least six feet away from anyone you encounter including your therapist.
Exit Through The Back Door
In Suites C and D, please exit at the back door so you don't cross the lobby a second time.
Maintain A Supportive Perspective
Clients unwilling to follow these guidelines cannot be seen in our office. Ill-temperament will not gain access to services.

Is My Insurance Covering Telehealth?

BCBS of Kansas
will cease covering telehealth at parity on July 20. More Info
was covering all telehealth costs at this moment but we do not expect that to continue More Info
provides updates  on its COVID telehealth policy on it's website   More Info
provides updates on its  COVID telehealth policy More Info
is covering COVID telehealth through Sept 30th More Info
Aetna is covering telehealth costs at their usual rate for the time being. We do not expect that to continue. More Info


FPS Will Remain Open

We never closed and we won't. COVID has posed a great many challenges to mental health for individuals, families, and members of the larger society. We are working hard to help you in those struggles.

What About Telehealth?

Our official position as an agency is that telehealth is a necessary COVID workaround, but it should not replace in-person therapy or medication management for those who pose or are at minimal risk of infection. Insurance companies have long held -- prior to COVID -- that they are required to pay for telehealth but they are not required to pay for it at parity, meaning at the same rate as office therapy. If the insurance companies revert to a lower-paying model, Family Psychological Services will not continue telehealth services. Some clients have asked if they can pay the difference if that occurs. They cannot, per the insurance contract. Some have asked if they can opt-out of insurance coverage to do telehealth. We cannot ask or induce you to do this. If you voluntarily forgo insurance to do telehealth, we can accept your cash payment, but you cannot then turn the claim into insurance. You'll need to sign a waiver to do this, which we have on file.

What's Happening with Medication Management?

Marilee and Adrian Cade are currently seeing unvaccinated clients on telehealth, but are seeing vaccinated clients in the office if they wish to be seen live. Please visit our Medication_Management web page to remind yourself of the requirements for med management. Remember, you need to be seen regularly by a therapist at FPS to continue medication with us.

Are You Accepting New Clients?

As best we can. Our senior staff are taking very few clients. Our new staff are taking clients fairly regularly now. Demand has been up during COVID with, at times, eight to twelve intake requests per day. We are doing our best to keep up.