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Looking For a Better Fit?

No single therapist is the right fit for every client. That's why we now have seven full time and one part time therapist, one full time doctoral nurse practitioner to prescribe meds and one cat. We still can't guarantee that you'll find the perfect match for your needs at Family Psychological Services, but if you're currently seeing another therapist or have seen one in the past, and you're not sure how well you were heard or understood, we'll make you this offer:

We'll schedule any qualified child, adolescent, or adult one 60-minute session to meet with one of our therapists to discuss how we might work differently than other offices to meet your needs. Interested? Keep reading...

Please read the rest of this page first, because some restrictions do apply, then come back here, copy and paste this promo code: GreatFit! and hit the button below this paragraph. When the form appears, paste the promotional code into the box next to the client's name so we'll know you're requesting the Better Fit option, then fill out the rest of the form giving us as much detail as possible. Click the link below to get started:

Ask About Services

Your hour is for consultation. It's not psychotherapy. In it, you can ask questions, discuss your case and previous treatment, share your thoughts about how you'd like things to be different, and get our staff member's feedback. If our provider thinks you'd be a good match for Family Psychological Services, they'll get you set up to access our services. They may keep your case, if they're specialized in your area and take your insurance, or they may refer you to someone else in our office. They may even refer you to another clinic in the community if that's the better fit for your needs.

After your hour, you can get started on your intake materials in our office or go home and think it over. If you decide you want to work with our staff, come back to this page and hit the button below this paragraph to complete the intake process before scheduling your first session. Please follow the instructions carefully and print or save a copy of the document before you submit it. Once in a great while the form gets lost in submission. If that happens let us know as we will file it with our secure form provider.

Fill Out Intake Form

Who is Eligible? This offer is good for the children, adolescents, adults, and couples who are:

  • Currently seeing a therapist or who have seen a therapist in the twelve months and who want to test the waters of a different approach to treatment, with no cost or obligation for this initial consultation. Clients seeking services for the first time are always welcome at Family Psychological Services, but this promotion is for those looking for a change from a previous provider. Clients currently being seen at FPS, who want to change therapists, should speak with their current therapist about transitioning. This promotion doesn't apply for intra-office transfers.

    Within the scope of practice of Family Psychological Services as stated elsewhere on our page or as determined by our staff upon reviewing the request for services. We have a broad specialization, but we don't have the facilities, time, or crisis call to cover dehospitalization cases, high crisis, or adults with a long history of intensive services through community mental health centers. We do take KanCare but only for children and teens and we don't take any form of Medicare. While we do take cases in which substance use plays a role, we do not provide primary substance abuse treatment and will not take transfers from organizations that do.

    Bringing a form of insurance that we can take (click here for a list) or refer to the request services form or who are able and willing to pay cash. For a limited time, we do have substantial discounts available for qualified cash clients and our staff member will discuss that option with you at your free consultation. Not all staff members accept discounted rates, but we try to have one or two who will.

Availability. Our staff maintain full caseloads. Not all providers will be available for consultation in a given week nor do all staff take all insurance policies. We may schedule you with an available staff member to meet and discuss treatment options in the initial consult, but that staff member may or may not refer you to another provider.

You Have Choices. So, Why Choose Family Psychological Services?

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