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We Humbly Ask that You Vote for Our Staff...

...After laying out a year due to terms of participation, Family Psychological Services is participating this year in Best of Lawrence. Due to the sensitive nature of our business, we are careful how we ask for votes. It's your choice and has no impact whatsoever on your relationship with us. We'll never know the difference, so you're free to decide to participate or not. This year we've decided to give you the iPad in the lobby or let you click from our web page if you want to vote for any of our staff (and anyone else you'd like).

This year we are fortunate to have seven nominations and one write-in across five different categories (so, yes you can vote five times if you wish). If you want to vote again you can click back to this page to find the other links or search for them under Mental Health Counselors, Administrative Assistants, Nurse, and Best Shop Pet.

Click on Dr. Wes' name below to vote for him under the Psychologists category. This link will take you to the BOL site where you can scroll down. It sometimes takes 15 seconds to load. Names are in alphabetical order by first name so he's listed under "W" at the bottom. :

Wes Crenshaw, PhD ABPP CST

You can also vote for ONE of our associates under Mental Health Counselors by clicking on the name below and then going to the BOL site. Any of these folks are fine choices for BOL. Names are in alphabetical order by first name:

Adrian Zelvy, LCPC
Annas Boyer, LSCSW LCAC
Kelly Hughes, LSCSW
Tamara Henley LCPC

You can also vote for Kelsey Daugherty under the nurse category. It would be hard for FPS to operate without Kelsey so we'd love to get her your vote. Just click below and scroll down to "K".

Kelsey Daugherty, DNP

You can also vote for Carrie Poe, MBA under the administrative assistant category. Carrie is aptly named because she carries our staff on a daily basis. Click her name below to vote for her:

Carrie Poe, MBA

Finally, Grace would like to have you vote for her in the Best Shop Pet category. Click on her name below:


Each member of your family (with an email address) can vote and of course, you don't all have to vote the same way.

Thank you so much from all of us.

2601 W 6th ST
Lawrence, KS 66049-4319