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Annas Boyer, LSCSW LCAC

Licensed Specialist Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Clinical Addiction Counselor

Annas Boyer, LSCSW, LCAC completed her master’s degree at Spalding University in Louisville, KY. She has worked in the human services field for twenty years, focusing on clinical social work for the last seven.

She practiced in substance abuse treatment programs, healthcare delivery systems, and most recently, with high accountability professionals to address issues of professional conduct. Annas has been a licensed clinical addiction counselor (LCAC) for four years, working with individuals and families who have experienced the impact of substance abuse and addiction in their own lives or in their relationships. Annas offers early morning and evening appointments to help clients access services while minimizing intrusion into daily life.

From Dr. Wes: Whether our client is a teenager, young adult, or well beyond the college years, problematic substance use and abuse complicates mental health treatment. Previously we've referred out many cases in which substance abuse is a key problem because we lacked staff specialized in that area of practice. A far better approach for many cases would be to integrate mental health and substance abuse services within our office. With the addition of Annas Boyer, we're now able to do just that.

We're not trying to replace outpatient recovery programs. We can't do at Family Psychological Services what intensive programs do, and we'll still refer to those facilities when a case is beyond what we can offer. However, by utilizing Annas' specialized skills and experience, we can now retain many cases that are within our scope of practice but complicated by substance use.

If you, your partner, or child is struggling with a substance abuse issue, send in a request for services from this website. Specify Annas Boyer on the form and tell us what services you're needing. We'll review your case and get you set up for an intake or, if we're not the right shop for you, we'll make a referral ot help you get to the right provider.

Annas' Schedule

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Envisioning positive change...

My approach to working with clients is to help them envision the positive changes they want to see in themselves and in their relationships and facilitate their progress to reach those goals."

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Areas of Practice


Adult and Adolescent Psychotherapy
Annas sees clients age fourteen and up, to address mood disorders, anxiety, depression, and common life stressors. She also sees couples and individuals for relationship issues, divorce recovery, enhancement of self-esteem and self-efficacy, problems of codependency, grief and loss, and career and academic concerns.

Integrative Substance Abuse Treatment
Annas sees clients for mental health concerns that have a substance use component, problematic sexual behavior, excessive gaming and online play, and other compulsive behaviors.

Professional Growth
Annas works with high accountability professionals, like attorneys, doctors, and business executives, utilizing therapy and coaching to address issues of problems of professional conduct, including disruptive behavior, boundary violations, and substance abuse in the professional domain.