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Alisha Saucedo, LSCSW RPT

Licensed Specialist Clinical Social Worker, Registered Play Therapist

Alisha Saucedo, LSCSW RPT works with individuals across the age range to address many life difficulties including anxiety, depression, sexuality and relationships, grief and loss, behavioral change, career, and academic problems, and stress related to traumas.

She has advanced training in both levels of Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing, an evidence based protocol, which is used to treat both children and adults with PTSD. Alisha also has advanced training in combining EMDR with play therapy to advance her skill in treating children with histories of trauma. Alisha utilizes the research based Gottman Model of Relationship Therapy to help couples achieve a satisfactory level of connectivity. She is also currently completing an AASECT approved training program in sex therapy to assist individuals and couples in reaching their intimacy and relationship goals.

Alisha is a registered play therapist and is skilled in working with children and families struggling with positive attachment, and uses play therapy to help children overcome difficulties in their past. Play therapy can be used to help individuals grow and move through emotional distress, while helping them achieve a sense of empowerment.

From Dr. Wes: One of the things I like best about working with Alisha is that she's constantly bringing new ideas and insights to the table. She's suggested new ways of doing things at Family Psychological Services and different ways of doing what we alread do better. She's also a voracious learner. She's pursuing her sex therapy certification and has been working with me to develop both a sexuality training program for couples and a pod-cast which we'll debut later this year.

Clients will find Alisha's energy infectious and her ideas innovative, just as I do. Whether she's working with a troubled child, a struggling parent, an adult with a traumatic history or a couple in crisis, she has an honest but empathic style that makes coming to therapy something clients look forward to. Alisha has a big influence on how we operate at Family Psychological Services. I trust her judgment and her thoughtful reflections. I'm betting that once you get to know her, you'll have the same reaction.

Alisha's Schedule

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Joining you on a journey of change...

My goal is to provide my clients with the opportunity for change. Whether that is exploring life through play, working with the individual, family or community, system or focusing on a solution. That journey makes us who we are, and I am here to take it with you."

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Areas of Practice


Sexuality and Relationship Support for Teens and Adults
Whether your interpersonal struggles relate to life transitions, health concerns, trauma, or self confidence, Alisha meets you where you're at and helps you build from there. She utilizes evidence based protocol to treat sexuality and relationship difficulties, encouraging you to explore these areas with a partner and/or individually. She is presently taking extensive continuing education in sexuality and sex therapy.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
Alisha is trained to provide EMDR a research-proven method to treat trauma and PTSD. There are 8 phases of treatment with EMDR using a three-pronged approach of addressing past memories, present triggers, and future response. EMDR can be combined with play therapy to improve symptoms of stress, anxiety, and negative memories experienced by children.

Play Therapy
Alisha is trained in play therapy, a structured and theoretically based process used to help children express and resolve a wide array of problems. Toys are the words and play the child's language. Children learn solutions as they become responsible for their own behavior. They learn empathy and respect for thoughts and feelings, thus developing a greater sense of self-efficacy. Alisha is trained in Sandtray, Nondirective and Non-directive Play, Theraplay, and Filial Therapy.

Here's an amusing, but important video that explains a little more about how play therapy works: